October 16–17, 2020 | Seattle, WA

Often we think of religion and ethics in the same way we think of ice cream--we want what tastes good or what we like. But maybe our method should be different when it comes to thinking about God, religion, and morality. After all, we need medicine for our illness, not dessert.



August 22nd – October 9th


October 10th & after


Greg Koukl

Stand to Reason

Alan Shlemon

Stand to Reason

Tim Barnett

Stand to Reason

Jon Noyes

Stand to Reason

Amy Hall

Stand to Reason

J. Warner Wallace

Cold-Case Christianity

Alisa Childers

Speaker and Musician

Drew Worsham


Christopher Yuan

Speaker, Author, and Bible Teacher

Dan Kreft

Seven-Foot Apologist


Friday, October 16
4:00pm Registration Begins
6:00pm Welcome and Worship
6:30pm Session 1: “Truth Is Not Ice Cream” J. Warner Wallace
8:00pm Break
8:25pm Session 2: “Eight Truths Christians Must Believe” Alisa Childers
9:45pm Closing Thoughts
Saturday, October 17
9:00am Welcome and Worship
9:20am Session 3: “Who Am I? Sexual Identity vs. Christian Identity” Christopher Yuan
10:35am Break
11:00am Breakout Sessions See topics
12:00pm Lunch Food trucks will be on-site
12:00pm Parent/Leader Luncheon: “Helping Your Students Navigate Screens” Tim Barnett, Jon Noyes, & Greg Koukl Free for registered parents and leaders, sign up at registration
1:25pm Session 4: “Never Read a Bible Verse” Alan Shlemon
2:40pm Break
3:00pm Breakout Sessions See topics
4:00pm Break
4:20pm Session 5: “Doubting Your Way Towards God” Tim Barnett
5:35pm Closing Thoughts & Dismiss


Crossroads Bible Church

15815 SE 37th Street
Bellevue, Washington 98006

Please Note: We reserve the right to decide to convert the in-person conference to a virtual conference without refunding cost of attendance.

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